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Rheology Modifiers: Optimal Selection & Use

Better control rheology profile of your waterborne and solvent-based formulations: achieve desired gloss, transparency, water & sag resistance… by optimizing choice of thickener and use conditions...


Food Contact : Compliance With non-Harmonized EU Legislations Made Easy

Demonstrate efficiently food contact compliance of your coatings & adhesives in a non-harmonized food contact area with an update on latest national requirements (NL, Belgium, Spain…) & practical...


Bio-based Ink Formulation in Practice

Get practical guidance to formulate bio-based inks and meet requirements for green certifications such as the NAPIM BioRenewable Content (BRC) program...


WB Adhesives: Predictive Methods for Faster Developments

Adjust adhesion, glass transition temperature, wet tack, setting speed… by predicting how much you should change in your water-based adhesive formulation BEFORE trying. You will gain in productivity...


Wind Energy: Engineering Plastics & Advanced Composites Innovations

Get an up-to-date mapping of opportunities for engineering plastics (PA, POM, PPS...) and advanced composites (carbon fiber, E/S glass…) for wind energy application. Material requirements...


Polyolefin Blends and Composites Optimization

Push back the limits of your polymer alloys, blends & composites by getting practical support to optimize their performance/cost ratio and lower failure rate. By better mastering compatibilization...


Struct. Adhesive Toughness: Efficient Testing throughout the Development Process

Optimally evaluate toughness throughout your adhesive development process. John Bishopp will review what test to do, in what conditions and when so that you have useful data to guide your...


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