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This gentle and "no-tear" formulation is developed specifically to suit the subtle scalp of new born.

Published on 2006-08-03. Author : SpecialChem

Solaveil Clarus is designed to give you the freedom to formulate! In this formula, Solaveil CT-200 and Solaveil CT-10W are used in combination with the Arlatone LC emulsifying system. The result is an ultra-light, cosmetically elegant formula ideal for suncare and dailywear applications. By choosing Arlatone LC as the primary emulsifier, long lasting moisturization is delivered by means of the liquid crystaline gel network created in the continuous water phase. Adding Solaveil CT-10W to the water phase gives the product another level of functionality: moisture delivery plus UV protection. The light skin feel of the product is maintained by the combination of Isohexadecane and Triethyhexanoin in the Solaveil CT-200 dispersion.The emollients used in the dispersion create a unique combination of efficacy and aesthetics, while providing the option to incorporate emollients which are ideal solvents for inorganic UV filters as well. In addition to the moisturization and skin feel properties of this formula, the transparency of the Clarus ingredients makes this product truly a multi-functional sun protectant and moisturizer in one.

Source: Uniqema

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