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Innovation Company Introduces Invisible Make-Up® for Soft Focus Effect

Published on 2017-04-07. Author : SpecialChem

The Innovation Company has focused on the fading out the undesired changes of the skin. Its new updated solution for creating a soft focus effect is Invisible Make-Up® that combines skin volume filling and broad spectrum UV-protection.

Innovation Company Introduces Invisible  Make-Up® for Soft Focus Effect
Innovation Company Introduces Invisible
Make-Up® for Soft Focus Effect

Eospoly® UV

Eospoly® UV products are spherical composites, which include crystals of TiO2 or ZnO into silica beads. As the refractive index of Eospoly® UV is very high due to the different crystals, combined with the spherical particle shape, it creates a powerful soft focus effect.

Fiflow® IMU

Fiflow® IMU is a fast acting reducer of pores and wrinkles. Due to its chemical nature, it brings a third phase to an emulsion system and allows an instant volumizing effect by its unique skin volume technique (15% in volume in only 7 days). In Vivo testing (SEM and Vivascope®) shows that most normal skins reduce in pore size and wrinkles by 50% upon application.

About 20% of the wrinkles and fines lines (depth and width) disappear in less than two minutes. Together with Eospoly® UV, Fiflow® IMU creates a double soft focus effect, due to extreme differences in their refractive indexes.

Micromatrix®, a Water-based Film Structure

Micromatrix® range is based on natural polysaccharides, which are constituted into a polymeric matrix structure. This is a “4D” vectorization based on specific domains such as macro and micron domains. The 4th dimension is time frame, and with Micromatrix®, skin temperature can be reduced for over 210 minutes (reduction of 5°C after 15 minutes).

Micromatrix® create an invisible film on the skin allowing a strong soft focus effect making the skin appear visibly smoother.

Invisible Make-Up®, an extremely effective soft focus formulation that hides what you don’t want the others to see.

About The Innovation Company

The Innovation Company® has developed, manufactured and offered a wide and functional range of innovative cosmetic raw materials for 30 years. Originally named Créations Couleurs®, it specialized only in colour cosmetics. Since then the product range has grown also to sun care and skin care, and hence two new divisions along with Créations Couleurs® were developed; Créations Solaires® and Créations Soins®.

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Source: The Innovation Company
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