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Skin care: Low Cost Baby Oil
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Baby oils
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing
Skin care: Low Cost Mild Baby Shampoo
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Baby shampoos
  • End-consumer Benefits: foam quality, mildness
Toiletries: Clear Roll on Deodorant
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Deodorants sticks and roll-on
  • End-consumer Benefits: protections, soothing
Toiletries: Deocologne Spray
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Deodorants sprays
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing
Skin care: Low Cost Hand and Body Lotion
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Hand creams & Lotions
  • End-consumer Benefits: non greasy, softness
Skin care: Undereye Treatment Gel
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Eye Care Gels & creams
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing, non irritant, soothing, strengthening
Toiletries: Exfoliating Cream
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Exfoliating & peeling products
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing, soothing
Skin care: Baby Powder
  • Supplier: Amchem
  • Applications: Talc, powders
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing, non irritant, soothing
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