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Sun Care: Calming After Sun Gel by BASF
  • Supplier: BASF
  • Applications: After sun products, Sun protection, Sun care (Sun protection, After-sun & Self-tanning)
  • End-consumer Benefits: nourishing, smoothness, softness, soothing
Skin Care: Morning Waterfull Lotion by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
  • Supplier: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
  • Applications: Facial care
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, moisturizing, nourishing, parabens free, quick penetration quick absorption, softness
Skin Care: Acne Solution Sleeping Mask by Hallstar
  • Supplier: Hallstar
  • Applications: Masks & peel-off products, Skin care (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, Baby care)
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, creaminess rich feel, moisturizing, nourishing, repairing
Toiletries: Translucent Foaming Shave Gel by Coast Southwest
  • Supplier: Coast Southwest
  • Applications: Shaving gels
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, brightness, foam quality, mildness, smoothness
Skin Care: Replenish Hydro-Beauty Facial Lotion
  • Supplier: 20 Microns
  • Applications: Moisturizing products (creams & lotions)
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing
Skin Care: Replenishing Facial Cream with Biopolymer BHA-10
  • Supplier: Vantage Specialty Ingredients
  • Applications: Moisturizing products (creams & lotions)
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, moisturizing, softness, soothing, substantivity, velvety feeling
Skin Care: Replenishing Milk Cleanser
  • Supplier: DowDuPont (Dow)
  • Applications: Cleansing milks
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing, oil free, smoothness
  • Supplier: United-Guardian
  • Applications: Moisturizing products (creams & lotions), Body care
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing
Skin care:Eye Care Gels & cream:Eye Gel
  • Supplier: Kobo Products
  • Applications: Eye Care Gels & creams, Creams, lotions & gels
Hair care: Hair Permanent Liquid Hair Color – Blonde HP-193
  • Supplier: Croda
  • Applications: Bleaches, dyes & colors products, Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)
  • End-consumer Benefits: moisturizing
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