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Decorative Cosmetics: Mascara - CPF 2394 by Dow
  • Supplier: Dow Corning
  • Applications: Mascaras
  • End-consumer Benefits: volume, water resistant waterproof
Decorative Cosmetics: Lustrous Clump-free Mascara by DSM
  • Supplier: DSM
  • Applications: Mascaras
  • End-consumer Benefits: softness, volume, water resistant waterproof
Hair Care: Silicone Free Conditioning Shampoo by Univar
  • Applications: Shampoos
  • End-consumer Benefits: foam quality, strengthening, volume
Hair Care: Leave-in Conditioner by AAK Personal Care
  • Supplier: AAK Personal Care
  • Applications: Conditionners & detangling products
  • End-consumer Benefits: non greasy, protections, silky feel, softness, volume
Decorative Cosmetics: Eye Shadow by Evonik
  • Supplier: Evonik
  • Applications: Eyes Shadows & Creams
  • End-consumer Benefits: foam booster, volume
Hair Care: Transparent Hair Shampoo 1 by Ajinomoto
  • Supplier: Ajinomoto
  • Applications: Shampoos
  • End-consumer Benefits: foam quality, smoothness, volume
Decorative Cosmetics: Plumping Lipstick by Ashland Specialty Ingredients
  • Supplier: Ashland Specialty Chemical
  • Applications: Lipsticks & Glosses
  • End-consumer Benefits: creaminess rich feel, moisturizing, volume
Hair Care: Natural Hair Wax by Dr. Straetmans
  • Supplier: Dr. Straetmans
  • Applications: Hair gels
  • End-consumer Benefits: bio organic, shine radiance, softness, volume
Decorative Cosmetics: Volume Shine Mascara-Soft Texture by Dr. Straetmans
  • Supplier: Dr. Straetmans
  • Applications: Mascaras
  • End-consumer Benefits: nourishing, shine radiance, volume
Decorative Cosmetics: Magical Mascara Extended Wear by Coast Southwest
  • Supplier: Coast Southwest
  • Applications: Mascaras
  • End-consumer Benefits: transparency, volume, water resistant waterproof
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