The Universal Selection Source: Cosmetics Ingredients


Skin Care: Light Delight by Dow

Typical Formulation Ingredients

Quantity (%)
Deionised Water 
VERSENE™ Na2 Crystals Chelating Agent 
ACULYN™ 28 Rheology Modifier 
Arlacel 165 
Tego Alkanol 16 
Crodamol AB 
Florasun 90 
EcoSmooth™ Delight Polymer 
Permethyl 99A 
TRIS AMINO ULTRA™ PC Specialty Neutralizer (solution 20%) 
NEOLONE™ PH100 Preservative 
Hydrolite 8 
Cosmetik Milk G_112 98 60 
Deionised Water 

Typical Properties


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Light Delight is a Luxury Touch Daily Moisturizer. EcoSmooth™ Delight Polymer, a new sensory modifier, brings a touch of luxury to this mass-market daily moisturizer, allowing consumers to get an elevated sensorial experience from their daily facial care products. ACULYN™ 28 Rheology Modifier delivers an easy, fresh spreading for a light and non-greasy feel. TRIS AMINO ULTRA™ PC Specialty Neutralizer is the neutralizer of choice for maximized tolerance and is particularly recommended for sensitive skin. A formulation by Dow.



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