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Hair Care: Spider Wax Fiber Effect Styling Wax by Dow

End-consumer Benefits

Typical Formulation Ingredients

Quantity (%)
Deionized Water 
VERSENE™ Na2 Chelating Agent 
OPTIM™ Glycerine 
AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000 Specialty Neutralizer 
ACUDYNE™1000 Hair Styling Polymer 
White Protopet 1 SH 
Beeswax Pure White 
Lanette O 
Brij S20 
Arlacel 165 
Paraffin Viscous 
Crodamol OP 
Procetyl AWS 
Xiameter PMX-200 Silicone fluid 5cs 
Premix 1.5% POLYOX™ WSR-301 Sensory Enhancer 
NEOLONE™ PH100 Preservative 
Hydrolite 8 
Helium G108245970 
ACULYN™ 44 Rheology Modifier 

Typical Properties


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Spider Wax Fiber Effect Styling Wax creates the unique fiber effect. It contains:

  • High molecular weight POLYOX™ WSR-301 Sensory Enhancer which provides an excellent texture especially appreciated by hair-dressers and teens.
  • ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer enables extra strong hold while allowing for a long-lasting style thanks to its exceptional humidity resistance.
  • ACULYN™ 44 Rheology Modifier provides tuning of the rich wax’s texture.
A formulation by Dow.



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