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Sun Care
The sun care market (sun protection, self-tan and after sun) is strongly driven by health issues, due to skin damage made by prolonged sun exposure. Consumers are looking for water resistant high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen exhibiting appropriate cosmetics sensorial properties like anti-aging & firming properties and texture. Formulators must be very imaginative to use organic and inorganic UV filters (UVA/UVB) in order to produce secure sun care products.

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A SpecialChem Client requires a technology to optimize the performance of UV filters from its formulation. Technologies that could enhance usual UV filters are also of interest...

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Sep 14, 2017 | Webinar

Thursday Sep 14 2017

By Dennis Zlotnik

Commodified products; Near-identical claims; Tough formulation issues; Faced with these challenges, companies have had a tough time gaining a larger share of the lucrative suncare market until now!...

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Selection Guide

UV filters Selection

By Julian Hewitt

Sun plays a major role in skin aging. Many daily-use cosmetic products consist of UV protection ingredients as consumers have become more aware. Today’s sun care formulator must achieve high SPF and challenging UVA protection standards, while also making products elegant enough to encourage consumer compliance, and cost-effective enough to be affordable in difficult economic times. This guide will familiarize you with different UV filter chemistries and factors that improve their performance. Read on and find out which attributes to consider when selecting UV filters and select the right one for your formulation!

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A SpecialChem Client requires a technology that delivers an instant optical blurring effects on the skin, i.e. immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines, pores and blemishes on the skin to...

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White Paper

For the first time, innovations drawing from particle science are enabling mineral sunscreen formulations without traditional problems like whitening or grit and they boost photostability, too...
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